Trevor Reef



In his 15 year career, Trevor Reef has been exposed to a wide variety of companies and engagements. His main focus has been assurance engagements. He has worked on public companies, not for profits and also private companies, and mostly with manufacturing, high tech and mining companies. More recently he has also worked with real estate and investment companies. Part of his role at Segal LLP is to assist with Quality Control, and ensure that the high standards of the firm are maintained.

In addition to his practical experience, He has been involved with the CA school of business (CASB) which has provided him opportunities to train prospective future CA’s.

Outside of work, he is a busy husband and father of kids ranging in age from 1 to 18. He is also involved in his synagogue. In his rare spare time he likes a game of floor hockey or a bike ride.

Trevor Reef


Phone / Fax: 416 774 2423