Cross Border Issues

US Tax Expertise

In an increasingly regulated area, we help our clients achieve cross-border tax efficiency in order to maximize returns.


We provide advisory services on cross-border matters including the following:

  • Transfer pricing
  • Achieving a tax efficient structure for doing business in the US or overseas
  • Tax issues to consider for doing business in the US or overseas
  • Implementing a cross-border tax strategy by working with a group of highly regarded international and US tax advisors
  • Expatriate tax services and tax equalization calculations
  • Canadian departure tax planning
  • The most appropriate manner to own US vacation property
  • The most efficient manner to own US rental property
  • The required foreign, Canadian and US tax filing



Segal is also extremely knowledgeable, manoeuvring through the intricacies of hundreds of issues from taxes to employment contracts to liability issues to documentation. Segal doesn’t leave any holes and goes for every dollar.

Adrienne Albert, President
The Marketing Directors. Inc.