The Best Advice Possible

When you encounter a tax issue you want to ensure that you have explored all possibilities, and that you select the most appropriate tax filing solution.

The Best Advice Possible

At Segal LLP, we provide you with the best tax advice possible. We consider all options open to you, and work collaboratively with you to implement the optimal solution.


To provide you with the best possible advice, we are responsive to your needs. We understand your business, your priorities, and your responsibilities. Leveraging our knowledge, we take a long-term approach to minimize your exposure to tax in order to ensure that your business is a success.


You can expect creative, beneficial tax preparation from professionals and certified chartered accountants you can trust. We devise proactive tax strategies to maximize your net worth and, without question, minimize tax. We believe strongly in integration, bringing together your personal, corporate, estate and will plans to lessen the overall tax impact, and we think ahead to your future life changes. You can also count on us to support and advise you in dealing with the tax authorities. Want to know if Segal is right for you? Contact us.


Segal has instituted formal and informal forums for the members of our company to stay continually motivated, directed, and energized. One of these has been the crucial institution of our Advisory Board, which Michael Daren spearheaded, and chairs six times a year. Segal, unlike many auditors, is involved with the creative process of our company, attending many meetings which involve the development of new products and concepts as well as the development of new models of business, so important in our changing business environment.

Andrew Menceles
President, Cosmoda Corporation