Segal Valuation & Transaction Advisory LP


Valuation & Transaction Advisory

Segal Valuation & Transaction Advisory (SVA) provides business owners, companies, boards of directors and professionals with value-added strategic, financial and transaction advice that enables our clients to make informed business decisions and achieve their strategic goals. Our experience spans hundreds of clients across many industries, providing us with a depth of knowledge and experience in the Canadian mid-market. Our philosophy of client service has consistently given our clients a clear view of their business and financial options and helped them achieve their transaction and planning objectives.

Business Valuation

SVA provides valuation analysis and advice for a wide variety of purposes, including corporate and personal tax planning, shareholder issues and disputes, financial reporting, strategic planning, and settlement of transaction terms. Our valuation experience covers a broad range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, pharmaceuticals and real estate. We pride ourselves on providing practical valuation advice that clients can rely on to aid them in their decision-making. Our valuation reports incorporate critical analysis of the key financial variables, risk factors and value drivers and are written in a way that is understandable, comprehensive and defensible. As Chartered Business Valuators, our valuation reports conform to the Practice Standards of the CICBV.  As finance professionals with extensive transaction experience we regularly use our knowledge of transactions in the market to ensure our valuations reflect the “real world”.

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Acquisitions and divestitures provide business owners and managers with the means to grow, enhance value and rationalize their businesses, as well as to meet personal liquidity objectives. In so doing so, they can attain both corporate and personal objectives. However, mergers and acquisitions are invariably complex processes that demand specialized and committed resources. They can also take a tremendous amount of time to complete. SVA endeavours to understand your transaction goals, and then helps to design and execute the process in a manner that maintains confidentiality, progresses efficiently, keeps you informed, maximizes value through negotiation, and ultimately realizes your transaction objectives. Our fee structure is designed to align with your transaction objectives and to ensure that we both have the same vision of success.


Even highly successful and profitable companies need to be properly marketed to ensure their value is maximized on sale. We are experienced in thoroughly canvassing the marketplace to identify prospective strategic and financial acquirers, including synergistic buyers. We also have experience structuring divestiture processes that maximize competitive tension and compel prospective acquirers to compete for the deal. Prior to taking on a divestiture engagement, we invest time to understand your needs and the potential challenges that we may encounter during the process. Our upfront review includes a high-level valuation analysis to arrive at a value range that is achievable in a transaction. Our value analysis and any other identified issues are discussed with you to ensure that our expectations of the process are in alignment. Our divestiture services are full service and can include identifying potential acquirers, preparing marketing documents, structuring the transaction and negotiating terms and purchase price.


Acquisitions need to be considered carefully before implementation to ensure that they make sense not only from a business and financial perspective, but also from an organizational culture and human resource perspective. We have extensive experience assisting management groups in evaluating their acquisition strategy as well as evaluating the merits of acquiring specific targets. Our acquisition transaction services include helping management articulate a strategy that fits the company’s mission and growth objectives. We assist you in determining the characteristics of prospective targets, identifying and approaching prospects, valuing targets, proposing acquisition terms, structuring the deal, and negotiating final terms.


Companies require capital for a variety of needs including growth, acquisitions, recapitalization and restructuring. We assist clients by helping them evaluate their capital requirements, determine the optimal capital structure, and source the capital, be it equity or debt. Leveraging our knowledge of institutional and private capital providers, we can identify those whose product offerings best meet your current needs. Our experience running competitive processes can help identify the “right” long-term partner and obtain the terms and conditions that best allow your financing objectives to be met. Our team has extensive experience sourcing a wide range of financing solutions, including senior debt, cash flow and asset-based loans, factoring, equipment loans, real estate loans, sub-debt and mezzanine financing, as well as various forms of equity financing. In doing so, we draw on our extensive relationships with banking institutions, alternative lenders and private equity providers.

Segal Valuation & Transaction Advisory LP

Nathan Treitel, MBA, CBV

Nathan Treitel is a Partner and the Practice Lead of Segal Valuation and Transaction Advisory LP (SVA) providing value-added financial and business advice to mid-market companies in a wide array of industries.

With over 20 years of experience, he is a trusted advisor to business owners, senior management, boards of directors and other professional service advisors, providing valuation, strategic and transaction related advice for both public and private companies.

Nathan’s strategic advice and transaction support is leveraged by companies contemplating refinancing and mergers and acquisitions activity. Clients benefit from Nathan’s ability to facilitate decision making by presenting strategic and transaction alternatives in a clear, concise and understandable manner. His deal experience allows him to efficiently manage efficient transactions processes and provide value-added actionable insights to resolve challenges along the way, enabling business owners and management to minimize the risk of failure and improve transaction outcomes.

Nathan also oversees all Segal firm valuations. His work supports business owners and managers in personal tax and estate planning, corporate tax reorganizations, going private transactions, shareholder disputes, financial reporting and strategic business decision making. His reports are CICBV Practice Standards compliant, comprehensive and defensible, and provide their users with a clear understanding of drivers and risks underlying the business and the keys to value enhancement.