Your Development and Career

Segal continuously develops your skills through challenging work and with the support of all team members.

Your Development and Career

Our experience with on-the-job training has had terrific results. We encourage self-study and provide knowledge and resources to assist you as you take the next step on your career path.


Segal belongs to an education consortium for professional development. This consortium, using guest and firm members’ faculty, helps us keep abreast of ever changing standards in accounting, audit and tax. There are also special interest and soft skills courses. We follow up on this training with “how we do it here” lunch and learn sessions. We encourage further learning using outside trainers for technical, personal development and software courses.

We support you in continuing education programs for accounting and other designations. The road to becoming a Chartered Accountant requires specific prerequisites that we support very generously. We have a unique program reimbursing CA students for out of pocket expenses for CKE, SOA and UFE preparation programs and exams. We supplement study leave with a creative forgivable loan program.

Segal wants you to be the best that you can be whatever your role with the firm. We want every team member to reach their full potential. Continuous learning and improvement is part of our culture.


Segal’s insight and expertise and their ability to focus on the big picture certainly helped us avoid many pitfalls, and their calm, objective views were always a beacon for occasionally misguided entrepreneurs. Additionally, they have built an extremely efficient and well-integrated support staff who always seem to have the appropriate information at their fingertips.

Gary Kaufman