Communication Skills The Segal Team

Communication Skills: The Segal Team

At Segal we are very proud of our diverse team of accounting and assurance professionals and we work hard to provide everyone with an opportunity to excel. While we obviously place a high value on accounting skills, we also hold communication skills in high regard. The reasons for this are twofold. There is always a need to be able to communicate directly with our clients and secondly, we never want poor communication skills to impede a team member’s career plans.


With this in mind, we’ve worked with a language coach from Catalyst Communication to develop a one-year program. The program is geared towards developing language skills and addressing cultural differences. This Segal sponsored program benefited the participants with improved communication skills for business, their studies, and in their personal interactions.

Well-rounded Team Players: The Segal Team

In the highly competitive job market, we continually attract talented people because we look beyond the obvious. We look for well-rounded individuals who will excel in a challenging team-first environment – an environment that encourages people to achieve not only career goals but life goals as well.


Five years ago we developed a new strategy for team development, one that was dynamic in its consideration of where we found people and how we integrated them into our team. We looked at work-life balance, how best to inspire people, and how to make it sustainable. Our growth as a team says that strategy has paid off.

Work-life Balance

In keeping with our commitment to a healthy work-life balance, we continually look at ways to improve our lives outside of work. Over the years our team members have met to discuss life beyond work and their personal needs. This led to our firm adding an employee assistance program through our benefits provider.


As a result, our employees can seek advice in dealing with life and work issues that are beyond the scope of the firm’s expertise. Feedback on the program has been positive, and we are confident there is a healthy outlet for personal issues.