Meeting Your Needs

Understanding Your Needs, Earning Your Trust

At Segal we place a very high priority on understanding your needs and expectations.

It is the cornerstone of our business advisory team that relies on client relationships built on mutual trust. It is only then, once a partnership is forged, that we can effectively develop an action plan with clearly articulated goals, and a timeline in which to achieve them.


We don’t want our clients to be like many who “aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy.” We take great pride in the success of our clients.


Segal has been our advisor for the last eighteen months and their input has been a critical factor in the continuing success of our business, focusing on profitability, financial planning and marketing initiatives. We have been able to realize the goal of continually maintaining our business in a saleable condition. Our only regret is that we did not know them fifteen years ago.

Donna Dooher & Kevin Gallagher
Co-owners, Mildred Pierce Restaurant