Business Sale Transactions



Contributing to our reputation for providing exceptional service has been our success in handling transactions for our clients. Our approach is to understand the motivations of both our client and the perspective buyer. It is only then that we can truly appreciate the subtleties of each transaction and assist in creating a situation most favourable for our client.

Some transactions in which we have been closely involved include:

  • A software company sold to a Fortune 500 Company for $18m
  • A US manufacturer sold for $45m
  • A consulting company sold in the UK for $27m
  • A funeral home sold for $6m
  • US marketing company sold in California for $18m
  • A manufacturing business under negotiation for $75m
  • A publishing business sold for $5.5m
  • A real estate portfolio sold for $113m
  • A telecommunications company purchased for $28m
  • A telecommunications company purchased for $20m

…. and many smaller transactions