Accounting and Audit Processes & Standards

An efficient and effective engagement starts with planning. Understanding the business, control environment, events that occurred during the year, personnel change, application of new accounting and audit standards are key elements of an audit plan. Our assurance services team members are fully versed in these issues prior to the start of any audit. Audit procedures are reviewed for relevancy in the current year of each audit. And our team constantly reassesses our audit approach for efficiency and effectiveness.


In preparing for our work with you, we produce an easy-to-follow list that you and your team can use to prepare for the audit. We ask in-depth questions to ensure that we fully understand your business and the changes it might have undergone. We employ best practice to make the process easier, more efficient and as pain-free as possible for your team. Our plan is developed, and as issues arise we keep you apprised of our progress. We communicate well throughout the audit so there are no surprises.


Our client base includes publicly listed companies, privately held companies and not-for-profit organizations. They rely on our collaborative environment, which draws on the experience from within our entire organization, including our National and International accounting affiliates. Our standards do not waiver; our reliability is unchallenged.


Because of the breadth of Segal’s knowledge and business acumen, the clients whom we have referred to Segal are invariably comfortable with their style of analysis and, of even more importance their ability to explain their reasoning and recommendations on a level suitable for the background, business knowledge and experience of the clients.

Avi Wisebrod
Wisebrod/ Zeliger Associates